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From ideation to implementation, Alchemy One has an unmatched reputation for media campaigns that work.


What we do
Media Planning + Buying

We are experts in all forms of media to deliver the right message, to the right audience at the right time. Driving real results for our client partners.

Insights + Strategy

We apply a consumer-first lens to connecting an idea with the relevant audience to drive action across all forms of media.

Data + Tech

We help our client partners find data solutions across their MarTech stacks. To ensure we are at the forefront of targeting, attribution, and measurement.

Integrated Partnerships

We create, co-create and amplify thumb-stopping branded content that jumps out of the right people’s news feed.



United by the shared pursuit of creating an environment where people thrive.

We are always looking for exceptional people, if you feel like you align to our mission and are inspired by our work, we would love to hear from you.

Join us
Alchemy One team: Joel Trethowan
Alchemy One team avatar: Joel Trethowan

Joel Trethowan

Managing Director

Alchemy One team: Paul Scarf
Alchemy One team avatar: Paul Scarf

Paul Scarf

Group Strategy Director

Alchemy One team: Huong Nguyen
Alchemy One team avatar: Huong Nguyen

Huong Nguyen

Group Business Director

Alchemy One team: Aline Eloy
Alchemy One team avatar: Aline Eloy

Aline Eloy

Digital Experience Director

Alchemy One team: Elaine Kruizinga
Alchemy One team avatar: Elaine Kruizinga

Elaine Kruizinga

Commercial Director

Alchemy One team: Nicola Watkins
Alchemy One team avatar: Nicola Watkins

Nicola Watkins

Strategy Director

Alchemy One team: Jess Adler
Alchemy One team avatar: Jess Adler

Jess Adler

Business Director

Alchemy One team: Esther Mo
Alchemy One team avatar: Esther Mo

Esther Mo

Senior Digital Experience Executive

Alchemy One team: Josh Howell
Alchemy One team avatar: Josh Howell

Josh Howell

Business Director

Alchemy One team: Eire Luna
Alchemy One team avatar: Eire Luna

Eire Luna

Senior Digital Experience Manager

Alchemy One team: Tom Duval
Alchemy One team avatar: Tom Duval

Tom Duval

Digital Experience Assistant

Alchemy One team: Audrey Greening
Alchemy One team avatar: Audrey Greening

Audrey Greening

Business Manager

Alchemy One team: Abbey Van Haren
Alchemy One team avatar: Abbey Van Haren

Abbey Van Haren

Business Management Assistant

Alchemy One team: Yasmin Sherif
Alchemy One team avatar: Yasmin Sherif

Yasmin Sherif

Business Manager


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