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"Their level of dedication, energy and passion really can’t be described in words. They consistently go above and beyond because they truly believe we can change the world and their impact on our business is monumental.”
Image of Nicole Hunter, Head of Marketing Bank Australia

Nicole Hunter, Head of Marketing Bank Australia

The Banking Royal Commission, and the revelations that followed, ensured a difficult period for the financial sector. This challenge was amplified for Bank Australia, a small customer-owned bank with little to no awareness but a strong sense of social purpose.

We created a media ecosystem that overcame entrenched apathy by giving potential Bank Australia customers a powerful reason to switch to a bank they may not have heard of.

Aligning your banking with your values.
“It is actually quite challenging to describe our relationship in just a few sentences, or without sounding completely over the top. They are the complete opposite of a “vendor”, they are a true extension of our team.”
Image of Nicole Hunter

Nicole Hunter

By taking a 360 view on publishers and platforms that shared our values and were actively engaged in advocating real solutions with their respective communities. Shying away from conventional branded content, we gave these partners freedom to expand on the concept of Clean Money on their own terms, and used their own voice to create new opportunities that aligned with Bank Australia’s purpose and vision.


Performing bank in Australia in customer growth


Return on Investment for every dollar spent.


Increase unprompted awareness from 2020 to the present.

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